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Grant Amount Found on my Fiancial Page?

Is the Grant Amount found on the financial page of myj4f.org?

As we have traveled this long journey together (yes, admin realizes it has been long), we have provided information for any member to calculate their Grant.  I realize many may not remember that, but here is what we will share with you now.

The financial page is not reflective of the final Grant amount.  Providing you did the disbursements as instructed on the Financial Section of the club website, those projected enhancement amounts are the basis for calculating the members Grant.  It does not reflect the total of your Grant.  Remember, the Suspense amount at the bottom of your financial page is the first amount used to calculate the WB1 pro-forma calculations.  WB2 was calculated by taking the amount you emailed us within a certain deadline to roll over in the pro-forma calculations to increase the overall size of your Grant.  Finally, we allowed you all to email requests to move from the amount shown as Enhancement Card to also be included in WB2.  This would not have applied to anyone whose member id began with 103, as that was not an item listed on your financial page.  Many took advantage of that opportunity and many did not.  Those who did will be very pleased at the effect it had on the total Grant.

While I am not going to say a time, a date the emails will go out, I can say that all Grants for those who are currently in position to receive one are calculated.  The financial institutions programmers will be making an area in the back office that shows you the amounts paid on your Grant and a running balance of what is yet to be paid.

The key to getting the Grant is to meet the requirements of the Grantor and that is simple.  First onthe list is that the club pay its obligations to you which will be a return of your principal and pay any debt the club owes you in the form of undelivered debit cards.  That will be accomplished in two ways.  Those of you who completed a DEA, forage that debt to the club in exchange for the club forgiving all years (5) of membership dues at $299.00 per year which were a part of the terms and conditions of membership.  All years prior to that were already waived by the club.  Those that refused the DEA or did not take advantage of it by the deadline of September 2011 still owe the total of $1495.00.

Here is what will happen from when the emails go out and through your Grant approval to make possible for the Grantor to start depositing your Grant installments.

1.  The financial institution will send emails out to you individually who applied for a financial account.

2.   You will have 15 days to respond to that email by following the link to the institutions website.  You will need to within that 15 days accept the account and upload your KYC informaiton in the back office.  This means you should have on your computer scanned a proof of residence and a photo ID.  Not sure, but the file size probably needs to be 500kb or less.

3.   This triggers the loading of your prinicipal return back into your actual financial account and the ret